Photograph of a tree in a field

Our Philosophy

We believe our products should not harm animals or the environment.

Our packaging is biodegradable. It may cost a little more but we think that its worth that little bit extra to know that we are not adding to landfill or plastic cartons blowing around our streets.

We try to use the freshest produce in all our products, sourced as locally as possible. We also make sure that there are no animal products used in any part of our production — we even go so far as to check that the ink and glue in our packaging we use is vegan friendly.

In our organic products we make sure everything is organic and would rather omit something that is not — as long as it does not change the taste, of course.

We are proud to support these organisations...

Animal Welfare Party Water Aid Viva!

...and various Badger charities.

Voted top 50 in Britain's Next Top Supplier by Ocado